This is how controlled C-items purchasing works with Amazon Business

Onventis adapter for Amazon Business

With the Onventis end-to-end E-Procurement integration for Amazon Business, companies can now operationally procure in particular C-items from Amazon Business while complying with company-specific procurement guidelines, approval processes and budget specifications. Through Onventis, buyers have access to more than 100 million products on Amazon Business Germany.

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Instructions for Onventis Customers

In just a few steps, you can set up the link to Amazon for yourself. Onventis Buyer settings have to be made within your organization’s administration account

If desired, configure an order processing workflow. Additional information on this can be found in the supplier guide (supported steps: “Order” and optionally “Goods receipt”). Please disable the order transfer by email function that is activated by default in the supplier’s advanced settings.

You can register your company at You will then receive an automatic email from Amazon confirming your successful registration.

  1. You can enable common payment methods on the “Manage company account” page under “General settings”, and then manage these under “Payment methods”. . . .
  2. .

Enter the following data in “cXML”:

The Onventis Team will then activate a license for you to use the interface and therefore enable orders to be transmitted. You will receive an email from Onventis once this has been completed. If you have any questions, please contact

This means that you can select Amazon items and submit test orders. You will then receive an email notifying you that the order has been received, but it will not be fulfilled as it was placed in test mode.

As soon as you want to use Integration to start processing orders, please contact, again, indicating the registered email address and the message “Onventis deployment mode — set to ‘Active’”. You will then receive an acknowledgment from Amazon confirming that the interface was enabled and orders will now be implemented.

Note: To integrate Amazon, users must access Onventis via the secure website:

Optionally, you can enter the names of one or more vendors that you specifically wish to enable into the “White List Shops” field in the catalog configuration. Only items from these vendors are transferred from the shopping cart to Onventis Buyer. A warning message is displayed for items that have been filtered out. If you want to enablee.g., only Amazon itself as a vendor, enter the value Amazonhere. To enable multiple vendors, separate their names (as illustrated by Amazon) with a semicolon, e.g. “Amazon;limuno”.

For questions about configuring this feature, please contact

For any questions about Amazon itself, go to the Amazon Contact Page and click on 1) “Prime and more” and 1) “Prime and more” and

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