Bruker runs Onventis Open Procurement

Bruker runs Onventis Open Procurement

01. August 2018 | Customer

As one of the leading manufacturers of analytical instruments worldwide, Bruker offers a wide range of advanced solutions in research and development.

Our systems and devices serve to increase the safety of products, introduce new products to the market more sustainably and more quickly, and thus help industry to continuously and successfully improve the quality of life with its products.

We push innovation in the field of analytical measurement technology for 50 years now. The Bruker BioSpin group of companies develops, manufactures and supplies research institutions, commercial enterprises and multinational corporations in countless industries and fields with technical solutions in the field of NMR, preclinical MRI and EPR.


The dynamic cost allocation simplifies the ordering process for users, contributes to a higher acceptance of the solution and is one element for the realization of process cost potentials.

Stefan Neuhaus | Head of Procurement Germany | Bruker BioSpin

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