DEKRA runs Onventis Open Procurement

DEKRA runs Onventis Open Procurement

01. Dezember 2005 | Customer

Since its foundation in 1925, the DEKRA promise has been We ensure the safety of people in their dealings with technology and the environment. In the meantime, the German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association has become one of the world’s leading expert organisations. DEKRA SE is a wholly owned subsidiary of DEKRA e.V. and manages the operative business of the Group. In 2018 DEKRA achieved a turnover of more than 3.3 billion euros. Over 45,000 employees work in around 60 countries on all five continents.

In traffic, at work and at home – DEKRA’s experienced experts create more safety in all essential areas of life. The company has a clear and demanding picture of the future. The vision up to the 100. The motto for the company’s 20th birthday in 2025 is: DEKRA will be the global partner for a safe world.

Our portfolio of qualified and independent expert services ranges from vehicle testing and expert reports, claims settlement, industrial and construction testing, safety consulting, and the testing and certification of products and systems to training and temporary employment.


Onventis user satisfaction is high because it is so user friendly. The smart solutions have led to an increased ROI, improved productivity, and a noticeable time-savings after only a short time.

Ulrich Brunner | Head of Central Purchasing | DEKRA S. E.

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