DPD Deutschland GmbH runs Onventis Cloud Procurement

DPD Deutschland GmbH runs Onventis Cloud Procurement

February 12, 2019 | News

DPD Deutschland GmbH from Aschaffenburg introduces Onventis the cloud procurement solution in purchasing.

Onventis digitizes the strategic and operational procurement processes of DPD Deutschland GmbH and supports the purchasing department to increase the company’s success through material cost savings and process optimization.

DPD Deutschland GmbH is part of the international DPDgroup, Europe’s second largest parcel service network.
With 9,500 employees throughout Germany and 11,000 deliveries at 78 depots and 6,500 pickup parcel shops, DPD transports 375 million parcels per year and ensures maximum transparency and flexibility in parcel shipping.

The company has a range of products to meet all customer needs – from same-day delivery in 90 minutes for demanding B2C shippers, to industry-specific shipping solutions for B2B customers.



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