Gruner + Jahr runs Onventis Cloud Procurement

Gruner + Jahr runs Onventis Cloud Procurement

04 April 2019 | News

Gruner + Jahr GmbH from Hamburg introduces Onventis’ cloud procurement solution in purchasing.

Onventis digitizes the strategic and operational procurement processes of Gruner + Jahr GmbH and helps purchasing to save on material costs and optimize processes.

Gruner + Jahr is one of the largest magazine publishers in Europe with established brands such as STERN, GEO, BRIGITTE and numerous young brands with a turnover of around 1.5 billion euros.

In addition, the Hamburg-based publisher holds the majority of Europe’s leading special-interest publishing house Motor Presse Stuttgart (AUTO MOTOR AND SPORT), the DDV Mediengruppe in Dresden (SÄCHSISCHE ZEITUNG) and is involved in the Spiegel Group (SPIEGEL, MANAGER MAGAZINE).

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