Hochland runs Onventis Open Procurement

Hochland runs Onventis Open Procurement

01. December 2008 | Customer

We are a family business in the Allgäu region of Germany, which produces delicious cheese with dedication and passion for over 90 years. Our two founding families have dedicated themselves from the beginning with heart and soul to the cheese craft. We live up to this claim in all future generations.

With us, each employee of the cheese dairy feels like a part of the family. Therefore we take care responsibly and lovingly of what we produce every day here in the beautiful Allgäu. We feel connected with man and nature and we act in harmony with it. Only in this way can the spirit of our founding families remain tangible. And we “Highlanders” are proud of that.


With the Onventis e-procurement solutions, we found an easy way to manage our suppliers centrally. In the network, we have a real-time view of data, histories and ratings. This minimizes risks and strengthens the business relationship on the buyside and sellside.

Daniela Lurz | Head of Purchasing | Hochland Deutschland GmbH

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