Into the digital age!

Into the digital age!

25 October 2018 | Press

frischli introduces with the electronic catalogue ordering system Onventis Buyer a kind of “company Amazon”.

Since the middle of last year, frischli has been working on the introduction of an electronic catalogue ordering system in order to streamline and accelerate ordering processes.

Onventis Buyer has already been successfully introduced in many companies, including the dairy companies Hochland and Uelzena. Since April 2018, the conversion and adaptation to the frischli conditions, the so-called customizing, have been running.

Here it was important to embed the new software neatly into the system landscapes and to adapt it for frischli. Each user can create his or her own user interface according to his or her needs and only sees the parts and catalogs relevant to him or her and his or her task. This eliminates the need for a long search in the system, for example.

This allows buyers to focus on much more value-adding activities such as research, testing and searching for new suppliers, as well as effective price negotiations.

30 Minuten Arbeitszeit dauert mit Onventis Buyer ein Bestellvorgang, vorher waren es 90 Minuten.

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