Meyer & Meyer runs Onventis Cloud Procurement

The Meyer & Meyer Holding introduces Onventis cloud procurement solution in purchasing.

Onventis digitizes strategic and operational procurement processes of Meyer & Meyer and supports the purchasing department in increasing the company`s success through material cost savings and process optimization.


Within our current digitizing strategy a fast and smooth roll-out of the Onventis solution was very important to Meyer & Meyer. This was possible due to a great support and a very high user-friendliness of the platform,

describes Mathias Becker, Head of Purchasing of Meyer & Meyer, the implemention of onventis Onventis.

About Meyer & Meyer

The family business Meyer & Meyer from Osnabrück provides as the leading specialist for fashion logistics in Europe a range of services of the whole supply chain. This reaches from raw goods and production logistics over the storage, safekeeping und quality assurance up to ready-for-sale distribution of the goods to retail or to consumers.

Meyer & Meyer controls and links value chains with the help of cutting-edge IT-technologies und provides together with partners intelligent omnichannel solutions. Besides fashion logistics the company developed further specific logistics solutions for automotive and sundry highly sensitive goods. Meyer & Meyer controls logistic activities with 1.800 employees in Europe, Asia and North Africa.