New feature framework orders

New feature framework orders

June 29, 2017 | News

Onventis Buyer & Supplier integrieren sich ab dem 2. Juli noch tiefer in die ERP-Geschäftsprozesse von Unternehmen.

With the new “Framework Order” feature, certain quantities of a defined total quantity are retrieved over a fixed period of time. The supplier can use the quantity until the framework order is exhausted or the end date of the order is reached. In addition to the normal and service orders, the framework order can be customized for each supplier.

Onventis now makes it possible to create and use periodic billing plans in SAP. The new fields required for this, such as the start and end of the runtime, the limit value, and the interval for the invoice creation in SAP, can already be defined in the Onventis order system. An extended purchase order approval for the check of limit values, the allocation of different order processing workflows to a vendor, as well as different number circuits for each order type round off the framework order.

You can preview the new features at any time in the Knowledge Base in your Onventis beta account.

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