Onventis in All about Sourcing gefeatured

Onventis in All about Sourcing gefeatured

24. June 2019 | Press

Mobile E-Procurement: Smart, Fast & Compliant

The Onventis Mobile App was developed to map operative procurement processes in a holistic way, regardless of location. As the first solution, the Onventis Mobile App was certified with the BME seal of approval “Mobile Procurement”. The new app is currently available in 16 languages and covers the central areas of operative purchasing.

A clear and customizable dashboard is the entry point to the application for every user. The e-procurement app offers key benefits to both employees who initiate orders and decision makers who approve orders: Demand users can use their smartphones to trigger requisitions and orders exactly where they are needed, regardless of where they work.

The scan function noticeably simplifies the ordering process. This is a considerable added value for all users who do not or only rarely work at their desks, such as craftsmen, construction workers, facility management employees or service providers in the field of maintenance and repair.

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