Onventis Interview mit Berlin Hyp

Berlin Hyp purchasing manager Antje Younes-Eilenfeld in interview

23th September 2020 | News

How Berlin Hyp makes purchasing crisis-proof

Berlin Hyp is one of Germany’s largest real estate and Pfandbrief banks and has been an Onventis client since 2017. In an interview, purchasing manager Antje Younes-Eilenfeld explains why Berlin Hyp has come through the Corona crisis well so far, what role digitization has played in this, and which procurement projects Berlin Hyp is currently driving forward with Onventis.

Currently, we are all still concerned with one topic: COVID-19. Ms. Younes-Eilenfeld, you are 2014 Purchasing Manager at Berlin Hyp AG and in your role you are responsible for the cooperation with Onventis and the harmonization of the purchasing and billing process.

What effects has the Corona crisis already had on shopping at Berlin Hyp?
Berlin Hyp AG has come through the Corona crisis very well thanks to the complete digital mapping of its purchasing processes. Mobile working was no problem for us in the purchasing department and the entire organization from the very beginning. Digital meetings via Skype are also a matter of course with our suppliers. Our focus this year is strongly on the smooth connection of the purchasing and accounting processes. Here we have two different systems in use. The data must be better harmonized in this interaction. To achieve this, Berlin Hyp has combined the purchasing and accounts payable departments under the umbrella of controlling.

As a result, the colleagues can optimize the entire purchase to pay process very well together under a uniform management.

Do you believe that the recession will fundamentally change your personal role and purchasing strategy?
No, we don’t think so. Our strategy will not change. However, we want to use the above-mentioned measures to accelerate the process flow and thus keep our supplier relationships stable even in a possible recession.

In addition to digitization, Berlin Hyp also pursues the issue of sustainability very strongly. What role does sustainability play in Berlin Hyp’s purchasing?
Sustainability plays a very important role in our ordering and procurement system. We are committed to increasing the proportion of sustainable products and are well advanced in this respect. We want to continue along this path consistently – the Corona crisis has not changed this.

Antje Younes-Eilenfeld
Purchasing Manager
Berlin Hyp AG

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