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Onventis Buyer

The purchasing department adds substantial value to overall business success. Onventis Buyer supports you in strategic and operational procurement as a comprehensive procurement solution in the German cloud. Onventis Buyer is the BME-certified modular e-procurement complete solution for supplier management, source-to-contract processes, procure-to-pay workflows, and analytics.

Intuitive user interfaces guarantee quick acceptance with your users. All transactional and master data involved in the procurement process are seamlessly integrated into your ERP system by Onventis Buyer. Your buying processes will be consistently optimized and your suppliers connected to the procurement process. With the Onventis Mobile App for ordering and approval processes, you can shorten order processing times. Automated and seamless digital processes guarantee more time for strategic procurement, increase the quality in procurement, and reduce your material and process costs.

Source to Contract Procure to Pay Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Strategic procurement processes (vision-to-strategy) deal with the derivation of the sustainable procurement strategy on the basis of the overall company objective. Within the three areas of supplier, material and innovation management, strategies are derived that are intended to contribute to the long-term fulfillment of the procurement and thus the company’s goal. The primary objective of the strategic procurement process is to sustainably increase the effectiveness of purchasing through strategic guidelines and long-term goals. Onventis Supplier Management is a key pillar of strategic procurement.

Onventis Buyer Supplier Management
  • supplier master data
  • supplier registration
  • supplier qualification
  • supplier classification
  • supplier assessment
  • business information
  • Supplier Master Data
  • CPD Suppliers
  • Supplier Self Assessment
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Bisnode Connector

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Source to Contract

Tactical purchasing processes (source-to-contract) include the sub-process steps of assessing requirements, from the execution of tenders and procurement auctions to the conclusion of a contract. The primary objective of the tactical purchasing process is to increase the effectiveness of purchasing through the implementation of measures that contribute to meeting the procurement objectives in the medium term.

Onventis Buyer Source to Contract
  • requests (RFI, RFQ, RFP)
  • tenders
  • auctions
  • project procurement
  • contract management
  • outline agreements
  • delivery schedules
  • quantity contracts
  • Sourcing
  • Auctions
  • Purchasing Projects
  • Contract Management
  • Outline Agreements
  • Quantity Contracts
  • Delivery Schedules

Fact Sheet Onventis Buyer

Procure to Pay

The operational purchasing process (procure-to-pay) starts when needed and contains the subprocesses of the purchase requisition of the requisitioner until the invoice is paid to the supplier. Unlike the strategic and tactical process, some sub-process steps may be performed by the demand requester, which determines its needs based on the tactical process that includes assortments and requirements. The primary objective of the operative purchasing process is the efficient handling of repetitive procurement processes in order to save process costs.

Onventis Buyer Procure to Pay
  • automated order processes
  • approval workflows
  • automated account assignments
  • catalog management
  • punchout for shops & marketplaces
  • amazon business adapter
  • procurement of c-goods (MRO)
  • procurement of production materials
  • procurement of services
  • invoice management
  • vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • group purchasing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Service Procurement
  • Quote Request
  • Invoice Management
  • Frame Orders
  • Item Configurator
  • ERP Import Order Objects
  • Complaint Management
  • Dynamic Approval Workflows
  • Dynamic Cost Allocation
  • Dynamic Catalog Views
  • Amazon Business Adapter
  • Punchout Adapter Outbound
  • Punchout Adapter Inbound

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Network Core

The platform of the Onventis Open Procurement Network includes core functionalities, which on the one hand provide for internal networking of procurement processes and on the other hand for external networking between “buyers” and “suppliers”. These include a document management system, numerous interfaces to SAP and other ERP systems, the collaboration between buyer accounts and the supplier portal, analytics & reporting, a single sign-on connector and a mobile app.

Onventis Core
  • spend analysis & analytics
  • integration
  • mobile app
  • document management
  • supplier search within network
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Analytics Standard Reports
  • Analytics Enterprise Reports
  • Onventis Connector
  • SAML (Single Sign On Connector)
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Mobile Approval
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • User Registration

Fact Sheet Onventis Buyer

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