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Your mobile Procurement:
Smart, Fast & Compliant

Your mobile Procurement
– smart, fast & compliant

Onventis Mobile App

Save time and money with mobile procurement

Mobile procurement means you can optimally manage your procurement processes regardless of time or location. Don’t waste your time, money, or competitive advantage.

On a business trip, in the field, or on-site: The holistic Onventis Mobile procurement app offers your purchasing department unlimited mobile procurement functionalities. Whether ordering, approval, or goods receipt processes, you and your team are available anytime and anywhere. With the Onventis Mobile you can take care of business with your tablet or smart phone wherever you are.

Onventis Mobile is your mobile multi-talent when you need to take care of procurement quickly and you’re not at your desk. Onventis Mobile covers the entire procurement process from the creation of your shopping cart to the execution of approvals, to order tracking and booking of incoming goods or proof of performance. Efficient, secure, and the first solution certified with the Association of Supply Chain Management’s (BME) “Mobile Procurement” seal of approval.

Onventis Mobile Function Overview


Customizable dashboard for an optimal overview.


With the Onventis Mobile app, approvals are child’s play. From the user to the buyer to the accounting department: multi-stage approval processes are carried out by all involved parties with just a few clicks. This means you can approve or reject requisitions, purchase orders, performance records, order changes, and invoices in no time at all. You can also use the comment function to enrich information.


Whether products, product ranges, or services: With the Onventis Mobile app, you can access all catalogs and connected supplier shops at any time.

Die Onventis Mobile App


Whether you want to view an order, track its status, or send, copy, or delete an order – the Onventis Mobile app covers all order processes. Within an order, you can track all the relevant information for individual positions, and can view or download follow-up documents or attachments. You always have an overview of all your orders.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart in the Onventis Mobile App makes the completion of your order as clear and efficient as possible. With the shopping cart, you can send your orders, edit item details such as the delivery address and account assignment information, and split the shopping cart as needed. You can also use the ad-hoc address and benefit from the high-performance auto-search function for account assignment processing.

Required Items

Capture your requirements on the spot. Access your required items at any time, track their status, and view all relevant information. With the Onventis Mobile app, you can use, cancel, delete, or complete your required items.

With the Onventis Mobile App, we have been able to shorten our procurement processing time by more than 60%.

Procurement Manager | Sunrise Communications AG | Switzerland

Always keep track of your procurement processes

More time for what’s important
Initiate time-critical or time-intensive order and multi-step approval processes easily when you’re on the go. You can order ad-hoc products, product ranges, or services around the clock from wherever you are when you identify the need.

Speed up order processing
It’s just as convenient to speed up approvals for requisitions, orders, change orders, performance records, and invoices. Push notifications automatically keep you up to date on new receipts and open approval requests.

Always current, always transparent
All activities and comments made through Onventis Mobile are synchronized with the Onventis Cloud Procurement Network and are always available for transparent tracking.

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Your mobile Procurement:
Smart, Fast & Compliant