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Onventis is the cloud platform for midsize enterprises regarding strategic and operational purchasing. More than 500 industrial, service and wholesale purchasing organizations worldwide with more than 350,000 registered users in 14 languages and an annual purchasing volume of over 5.5 billion EUR optimize their entire procurement process with the intuitive, BME-certified e-procurement solution Onventis Buyer.
B2B customers purchase where their procurement processes are served perfectly. The Onventis Supplier product portfolio provides suppliers with the perfect tools for efficient integration into procurement processes of Onventis Buyer systems: A supplier portal on the Onventis network with centralized customer and user management, Procurement Integration Services for efficient catalog and shop integration including automated order processing (EDI) and a procurement shop for sustainable customer loyalty based on a target-group-specific e-business strategy.

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Onventis Supplier Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

The Onventis Supplier portal is the entrance for suppliers to the Onventis Open Procurement network – a quickly growing procurement network for the midsize market. The Onventis Supplier portal helps suppliers recognize revenue potential in good time, and increase customer loyalty through consistent digital procurement processes. Don’t miss out on the revenue opportunities in the Onventis Open Procurement Network.

Registration on the Onventis Supplier Portal is free of charge.

  • supplier profile
  • customer management
  • user administration
  • eCl@ss-commodity groups

PROMOTE your Supplier Profile

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Registration on the Onventis Supplier Portal is free of charge.

Header Image and Company Slogan

Use an inspiring full-width key visual to impress your profile visitors. Additionally, add your company slogan to the header area in order to promote your brand.

Product and Service Gallery

Present your product and services portfolio in a visually appealing gallery format, allowing deeplinks to your website or online shop for further information.

Customer References

Underline your strengths as a supplier and gain trust by adding customer testimonials to your profile.

Custom Links

Give your potential customers the possibility to learn more about your company: Set individual links to further company information, your B2B shop, Social Media or anything yo want.

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Increase the visibility of your company: With PROMOTE we guarantee the visibility of your Supplier Profile in our public Supplier Search on in addition to the Onventis Buyer integrated search.


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Price Starting from: 39€/month

One month free trial!

The current FAQ´s can be found in the Onventis Knowledge Base.

Fact Sheet Onventis Supplier

Onventis Supplier Procurement Integration

Procurement Integration

Onventis Supplier enables the efficient integration of customer-specific supplier ranges and conditions in the procurement process of Onventis Buyer, as well as in other e-procurement systems with Ariba or SAP. Static catalogs (BMECat, Excel, CSV) can be imported and connected, as well as supplier shops via OCI and cXML Punchouts. The integration of OCI5 catalogs in the index-based search of Onventis Buyer systems supports retrievability of your products in punchout scenarios. For the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of orders, order changes, order confirmations, and invoices, the openTRANS-Standard is on offer. Conversions of openTRANS receipts are possible in other formats like EDIFACT, xCBL, cXML, SAP iDoc or CSV. For receipt data exchange, in addition to e-mails, http/s and FTP formats are supported.

  • catalog hosting (BMECat 1.2, Excel, CSV)
  • OCI 4.0 punchout including OCI validate und OCI detail
  • OCI 5.0 (integration of JSON files in search engine)
  • cXML punchout
  • openTRANS 1.0
  • EDI based on openTRANS format via https and FTP
  • EDI document types: purchase order, order change, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice
  • eCl@ss 10.0.1
  • shipment tracking
  • requests and offers
  • web services for real time prices
  • web services for inventory
  • group catalogues
  • EDI Interface
  • Catalog Hosting
  • Punchout Interface

Price list Catalog Integration & EDI for Onventis Suppliers


  • For catalogs up to 20 MB file size in Excel or CSV format, no monthly license fees apply, regardless of annual sales.
  • There are no monthly fees for BMECat catalogs and OCI connections, provided that annual sales amounts less than € 35,000.
  • Suppliers have the possibility to import catalogs (Excel, CSV and BMECat) on their own free of charge. For this, Onventis provides a “starter package” (instructions & templates) for catalog import to suppliers.
  • One-off service fees are charged for the production system and the test system.
  • Monthly license fees apply exclusively to the production system.

Onventis Premium Supplier Logos: „Börsenticker“
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Fact Sheet Onventis Supplier

Onventis Supplier Procurement Shop

Procurement Shop

Onventis Supplier offers a perfect platform to suppliers who want to be proactive and not only reactive in their e-business strategies with their own e-procurement offers. C-parts (MRO) management on a supplier platform requires a professional e-procurement process that includes, e.g., customer-specific workflows with account assignment and budget administration. With the Vendor-managed Procurement modules, the procurement processes of your industrial customers are covered. The Onventis Procurement Shop covers essential procurement processes of your industrial customers perfectly. What international wholesalers can do, you should be able to do too: retain customers and generate new business with a target-group-oriented e-business strategy. Industrial customers buy where their procurement processes are served the best.

  • order management
  • approval workflows
  • automated account assignments
  • budget administration
  • vendor managed procurement (VMP)
  • multi-vendor catalogues
  • dropshipping
  • order splitting
  • interfaces for scanners and vending machines
  • Sales Order Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Service Procurement
  • Quote Request
  • Item Configurator
  • Complaint Management
  • Customer Registration
  • PunchOut Adapter
  • eProcurement Adapter

Fact Sheet Onventis Supplier

Onventis Core

Network Core

The platform of the Onventis Open Procurement Network includes core functionalities, which on the one hand provide for internal networking of procurement processes and on the other hand for external networking between “buyers” and “suppliers”. These include a document management system, numerous interfaces to SAP and other ERP systems, the collaboration between buyer accounts and the supplier portal, analytics & reporting, a single sign-on connector and a mobile app.

  • spend analysis & analytics
  • ERP-integration
  • mobile app
  • document management
  • supplier search within network
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Analytics Standard Reports
  • Analytics Enterprise Reports
  • Onventis Connector
  • SAML (Single Sign On Connector)
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Mobile Approval
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • User Registration

Fact Sheet Onventis Supplier

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