“Purchasing Barometer 2019” – Digital Transformation In Procurement Has To Start At The Top

“Purchasing Barometer 2019” – Digital Transformation In Procurement Has To Start At The Top

19 May 2020 | News

Onventis Purchasing Barometer 2019 published in E-3 Magazine

Up-to-date data, fully automated processes, seamlessly connected customer/supplier pipelines – for many companies, digital transformation still seems like a faraway future. Digitalization in procurement has to start at the top.

Procurement is entering a new era. Time to evaluate how companies’ digital transformation efforts are coming along! How far have they come in their digitalization initiatives? Have they managed to successfully organize data, processes and interconnection in procurement? How high is the level of digitisation and networking in medium-sized companies?

We’ve partnered with ESB Business School and the German BME (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik) and asked 272 German companies (many of them SAP customers) about their digital transformation.

Read all details about the results here:

Purchasing Barometer 2020

Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence & Co. – How does procurement tick in medium-sized companies?

With this year’s survey “Purchasing Barometer 2020” the BME together with the ESB Business School and Onventis GmbH is investigating the status quo of digitalisation and the use of new technologies in the purchasing departments of medium-sized companies.

Support the survey now and share your buyer’s view on the most important questions concerning purchasing in medium-sized businesses.
Please notice that the entire content is only available in german.

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