ROEHM runs Onventis

ROEHM runs Onventis

20. April 2017 | News

ROEHM introduces the cloud procurement solution „Onventis Buyer“. Onventis digitizes the complete strategic and operational procurement processes of the clamping device manufacturer from Sontheim/Brenz. In addition to supplier management and indirect material, the production material flow including document delivery is also optimized. The procurement processes are seamlessly integrated into the SAP ERP system of ROEHM. For example, inquiries and orders are automatically sent from SAP via Onventis to suppliers.


ROEHM is one of the leading chucking tool manufacturers with a wide and powerful product range and its own, high-performance customized production. Around 1,300 employees worldwide manufacture clamping technology from the smallest drill chucks, through efficient tool clamping up to high-tech power clamping equipment. In addition, customer-specific products are developed and manufactured for almost every clamping situation and handling task.

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