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Exploit valuable, untapped potential that lies in the strategic and operational cooperation with your value-added network and in the total cost of ownership analysis for procurement with Professional Services & Consulting.

Our team of qualified procurement experts for supplier relationship management (SRM) and vendor managed procurement (VMP) supports you in systematically collecting and analyzing your current procurement processes and in the cooperation with your suppliers. We create the necessary transparency for maximum utilization of the previously hidden added values.

As a consulting organization, we also support you in the implementation and targeted configuration of our Onventis software products. With many years of experience from numerous projects, we work together with you to produce best practice solution scenarios, including internationally, in the shortest possible time. Our professional services help you to integrate your strategic suppliers deeply into your value creation processes.

Our Range of Services

Onventis Academy

Business Consulting

In a digitally networked business world and with the progressive reduction of the depth of production in companies, your value creation is shifting more to the supply chains. This makes a sustainable strategy for integrated cooperation beyond company boundaries becomes more and more important.

Where business processes were previously optimized within the company using ERP systems, today, cross-company and solution-specific processes are increasingly gaining in importance. It is not only your company that is competing but also the value creation networks and, therefore, the association of business partners that need to prove their competitiveness.

In order to identify the right fields of action here, we provide you with competent support through the following business consulting services:

To optimize your procurement and supplier management in a value-enhancing way, you need a full and transparent overview of the current situation of your company and your value creation network. Otherwise, you can only achieve individual, specific, and isolated improvements, which will unnecessarily increase the complexity of your system and process landscape. Identify the correct optimization potential and achieve your optimal solutions for you with our analytics services and tools for recording the actual situation in a structured way.

Strategy & Innovation Plans

Business Process Landscape & Management

Business Rules & Management

Organizational Structure & Location

System Landscape & Management

Data as Capital: Where it’s Stored & How it’s Used

Transaction History Analysis
(Products, Customers, Transactions, Behaviors)

Synchronous, complete, and cross-business partner master data is an essential prerequisite for the integration, automation, and analysis of all transactions in the supply chain. In the case of indirect goods in particular, this requirement is often not met due to inadequately maintained material master records and business partner data.Our consultants will help you identify the relevant master data for procurement and offer cross-company solutions for consolidating and enriching your data.

Integrated automation of internal and cross-company business processes provides cost reductions and quality improvements. The challenges are the compatibility of the process orchestration, the process choreography, and the supporting messages for the exchange of information and for transferring data to the next process step.Based on extensive knowledge and experience in process integration, we can advise you on all procedural and technical issues such as BPMN, BPEL, orchestration & choreography, messaging standards & messages, transmission protocols, and the special features of different standard software products such as SAP ERP, integration solutions such as SAP Business Connector (SAP BC), SAP Process Integration (SAP PI), and much more. This allows you to quickly identify and efficiently implement appropriate integration scenarios.

Optimization of procurement requires the simultaneous integration of storage strategies. By identifying economic order quantities, you can significantly improve ordering and inventory costs as well as supply security. Information about material availability within your company, business works, and the value-added network of your suppliers help you to plan based on demand. You avoid surplus materials in the supply chain and the associated costs and risks. In Business Consulting, we know the relationships and conflict areas of procurement and storage strategies and can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of different storage strategies and solutions such as the kanban approach, supplier consignment, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), vending machines, as well as the planning procedure. We offer you detailed inventory profiling to determine any planning parameters that need optimization. This means you reduce your procurement costs as well as capital commitment by reducing storage costs while simultaneously improving supply security and maximizing your production result.

Onventis Open Procurement Network is the standard software solution for comprehensive optimization of your procurement. Business Consulting supports the fast and efficient introduction of Onventis into your company and the optimum integration of your suppliers using a methodical approach which also allows a gradual introduction of the various Onventis modules. Whether you want to optimize your supplier relationships or are focusing on a more efficient ordering system, the Business Consulting Team enables demand-oriented implementation via the shortest route while maintaining the highest quality standards in project management.

Project Services

With our project services, we ensure that based on the fully developed Onventis project method, your Onventis solution is implemented quickly and successfully within the planned costs and times. We place value on efficiency, transparency, and sustainability throughout.

Professional project tools ensure effective collaboration between the members of the project and guarantee demand-oriented project communication within the project team as well as other areas of the company involved. Defined phases and quality gates at the phase transitions ensure the highest quality solution, incorporating all project-relevant stakeholders in the company.

In addition to our industry expertise, you can benefit from the following services:

  • Standard checklists
  • Best practice solutions
  • Master data consulting and cleanup
  • Integration in your back-end systems (e.g. SAP ERP)
  • Integration of your suppliers
  • Onboarding of supplier catalogs
  • Setup of account assignments & approvals
  • Creation of users and setup of roles & rights
  • Single sign on
  • Change Management
  • Roll-out and scaling models

Professional Services

Our professional services support you from the very beginning — professionally, as a partner, and at any time:

From the initial implementation, the initial startup of Onventis, through to the effective use of your SRM platform through extensive catalog services and integration services.

Who knows the products and services procured by you better than your suppliers? Involve your suppliers in the maintenance and updating of the relevant master data for your procurement objects with our catalog services. Our procurement experts have many years of experience and can provide you with comprehensive advice on the appropriate solutions for dynamic and static catalogs, catalog formats, and classifications.

Static catalog formats

  • BMEcat
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • CIF
  • Datanorm

Dynamic catalog formats

  • OCI (Version 4 und 5)
  • cXML PunchOut

The seamless integration of your business partners, based on synchronous master data and agreed rules, enables a high level of automation in your business processes and significant cost savings. Challenges such as different messaging standards and transmission protocols, as well as often complex system landscapes with a low level of integration can, however, make achieving the objectives difficult. Bring clarity in your integration project with our integration services: we can support you in the definition of appropriate selection criteria for successful inclusion of your relevant business partners and advise you on integration scenarios and technologies. Integration problems and incorrect or incomplete master data are then a thing of the past, and you can achieve the desired process optimizations with optimal cost reduction.

Message standards

  • openTRANS
  • cXML
  • xCBL
  • Edifact
  • Odette
  • VDA
  • Ansi X12

Transmission protocols

  • http(s)
  • FTP(s)
  • SFTP
  • OFTP
  • AS2


Onventis Cloud Procurement Network from the cloud automatically offers you all the benefits of an SaaS solution: you automatically receive product innovations, maintenance work, or technical support as a service.

We are there for you for all other requirements and questions: our professional customer support team provides you with information proactively and supports you at all times with any remaining issues because this is where all the system information comes together. You can reach our support team directly via the Onventis Service Desk, by email or telephone +49 711 686875-25.