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In the age of Industry 4.0, employees in procurement are facing new challenges. With the digital transformation, more and more traditional procurement processes are consistently being processed electronically, using goods management systems and are highly automated. This gives buyers more time for strategic procurement, for example, for finding suppliers as well as for creating and controlling your international business networks.

As e-procurement experts and strong partners in procurement, we want to help you develop these skills further — from strategy development through the correct system configuration to detailed, operational process improvements.

With the Onventis Academy, Onventis offers you well-thought-out training, seminars, and webinars as well as certification programs which you can take advantage of to align your procurement functions profitably to all current and future requirements of successful procurement.

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Our offers are individually tailored to the various roles and topics in the strategic and operational procurement process. Experienced consultants and specialists from procurement provide innovative, well-founded, and practice-oriented expertise. Experienced consultants and purchasing specialists provide you with innovative, sound and practice-oriented expertise.

In order to make a substantial and lasting value contribution to corporate success, procurement needs qualified employees with IT knowledge who have a strategic approach, methodical expertise and can master the functional use of digital procurement systems.

Certification Courses

Certified Onventis Administrator

Target group: Onventis key users, power users responsible for a partial area with appropriate administrative activities and other service-authorized users.

Learning objectives: As a Certified Onventis Administrator, you have fully mastered all of the administrative functions in Onventis and the correct configuration of the solution.

Certified Onventis Catalog Manager

Target group: Strategic buyers and catalog managers.

Learning objectives: As a Certified Onventis Catalog Manager, you manage and maintain static catalogs in Onventis

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