How Sourcify turns procurement into a business model with Onventis

How Sourcify turns procurement into a business model with Onventis

10 March 2020 | Press

Procurement meets platform: Particularly in the service industry, scarcity of resources and insufficient investment willingness hinders digital transformation. On a single platform combines industry knowledge and consulting expertise with smart e-procurement solutions by Onventis.

The procurement start-up Sourcify stands for a unique model of platform economy: Founded as a joint venture of Deutsche Hospitality and the renowned procurement consultancy Kloepfel Group, it completely redefines procurement in the hotel industry through a sophisticated mix of technology and content. The idea for Sourcify was born during an internal Steigenberger procurement project to digitalize their own procurement processes. In addition to the Steigenberger Hotel Group, the customer base includes Grand City Hotels, Centro, Vienna House, Sausalitos and L’Osteria.

Costs down, digitalisation in, profit up

The uniqueness of the platform is the optimization of procurement costs resulting from process automation and demand bundling. Negotiated supplier assortments and conditions can be taken over by Sourcify within seconds. Sourcify uses the megatrend of “Sharing Economy” and its collaborative approach: On request, conditions and assortments can be compared with strategic partners across customers. The intelligent combination of autonomous purchasing processes with resource sharing at the same time creates maximum added value. By bundling requirements and improving conditions, competitors are transformed into strategic partners.

The Sourcify GmbH offers 360-degree procurement processes on a platform that is technologically based on the Onventis Open Procurement Network. All process elements are digitally mapped end-to-end, from tendering and ordering to goods and invoice receipt posting, invoice verification and materials management, including inventories or cash register connections. In addition, Sourcify offers flexible interfaces for a fast connection to third party purchasing systems. This makes purchasing more transparent, standardised and secure in terms of auditing. Instead of relying on a costly ERP system, the company was looking for an intuitive application that did not require additional IT experts or investments in the IT infrastructure to operate. With its modern user interface, the platform is similar to established webshops and due to its ease of use it requires minimal business training.

The procurement platform KPIs:

  • 400 international hotel & catering customers
  • Over 2,500 suppliers
  • More than 2,000 active users
  • 175,000 orders annually
  • + EUR 100 million purchasing volume

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