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Onventis has over 15 years of expertise in consulting and implementation of value-added e-procurement projects. Below, you will find a small selection of solutions that our Onventis Buyer Experts have implemented for customers. All customer needs that we have satisfied over the years have flowed into our standard product development. With the cloud-based Onventis Buyer modules, you have full access to all solutions we’ve created for customers.

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Corporate procurement in heterogenous ERP environments

Corporate procurement in heterogenous ERP environments

Thanh Tam Hong Do Profil
Thanh-Tam Hong Do
SRM Consultant
Corporations use economies of scale not only in production, but also in procurement of indirect goods. A corporate-wide, central procurement has more complex needs in procurement processes than the buying department in a single company. The highest cost savings are achieved when needs and suppliers of several companies are bundled and steered – strategically and operationally – by a central procurement department. Onventis Buyer knows exactly what is needed in corporate procurement.

Automatic Catalog Ordering based on SAP-BANF

Sebastian Manthei Profile
Sebastian Manthei
SRM Consultant
Orders that run over SAP order requests (BANF) (production materials and C-/MRO goods) can be completely processed by Onventis Buyer. Connecting the suppliers and steering the approval and order processing workflow is done by Onventis Buyer.
Change requests are compared with the SAP system. Through the order processes with Onventis Buyer, complex data updates with C goods are avoided.

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Automatic Account Determination

Mirko Stetefeld Profile
Mirko Stetefeld
Head of Consulting
Automatic account determination enables the dynamic allocation and overriding of standard settings for the account determination of shopping cart and order positions based on customized policies.
The Onventis Buyer policy is comprised of a random key combination of the criteria “accounting,“ “material group“, and “article value.“ This makes it possible to carry out a value-based selection of account determination (e.g., investment) in the shopping cart and order position.

Amazon Business in Procurement

Jonas Kluge Profile
Jonas Kluge
Lead Product Manager
Wouldn’t your procurement costs be drastically reduced if your entire C-goods need could be handled by one supplier? One supplier that offers complete price transparency, detailed product information, product and supplier evaluations, as well as maximum supplier loyalty and delivery speed?
Amazon Business offers all of that! And Onventis Buyer makes sure that you have constant control over material groups, creditors, and auditing of over 100 million articles and thousands of market place vendors, and that your procurement guidelines are always maintained.

This is how controlled C-items
purchasing works with Amazon Business

Mobile orders and approvals

Daniel Taglieber Profil
Daniel Taglieber
Product Manager
Mobile procurement means that you always have full control over your procurement processes, regardless of location or time. Don’t waste time, or money, or competitive edge. On business trips, in sales, or on-site, the Onventis Mobile App offers your buyers unlimited mobile procurement functionality.
From orders to approvals to booking goods received, the Onventis Buyer App seamlessly integrates the whole process – on the go. Efficient, secure, and the first App certified with the BME seal of approval “Mobile Procurement.”

Onventis Mobile

Audits and Approvals

Emilia Kallenberg Profile
Emiliya Kallenberg
Lead SAP/ERP Consultant
Invoices and order credits are always available with the Onventis Procure-to-Pay modules. They can be automatically imported via standard interfaces and are available in the Onventis web interfaces and Mobile App.
All important invoicing information and the accompanying orders are available at a glance and thereby speed up auditing with regard to volume and price variations, account determinations, and budget overruns.

Technical Documents in Procurement Processes

Fank Oexele Profil
Frank Oexle
Senior SRM Consultant
In machine and plant engineering, technical drawings, CAD documents and other technical data for product specification are usual. These are often included in order documentation but are subject to versioning.
To avoid the complexity of updating, Onventis Buyer integrates document management systems in the procurement process. This guarantees that the supplier has constant access to the most current version and can deliver the right products according to the right specs.

Supplier Qualification

Oliver Haegele Profile
Oliver Hägele
SRM Consultant
Striving for supplier consolidation on the one side and risk management on the other means that supplier selection is becoming increasingly important. Supplier Management in Onventis Buyer enables the expansion and use of extensive information.
Procuring companies can evaluate information, qualifications, and certifications of their suppliers in y self-created system. It is also possible to automatically send commodity-specific questionnaires to newly registered suppliers.

Production Material Procurement

Christitan Seydt Profil
Christian Seydt
Senior SRM Consultant
ERP-based procurement processes are already highly automated for production materials. Automatic purchase order generation is made possible by clearly coded material groups, stipulated sources and conditions for the plants, as well as planable needs. However, in the times of Industry 4.0, efficiency is measured in terms of degrees of automated corporate-wide processes.
Onventis Buyer provides granular policies and bi-directional interfaces for buyers and suppliers for high-quality process without media distruptions in purchase order generation fulfillment activities and auditing.

Dynamic Catalog Viewing

Heiko Rumpl Profile
Heiko Rumpl
Director Products & Services
Catalog viewing enables buyers need-oriented availability of standardized product ranges. In some industries, however, catalog viewing needs to be very dynamic for employees depending on what area they are currently assigned to. Onventis Buyer supports this function by defining delivery areas for suppliers.
If a purchase requisition of an account with accompanying address is selected, Onventis Buyers transmits the available suppliers and catalogs – automatically. This reduces the administrative burden and prevents for example the supplier’s mobile crane in Munich from being delivered to the construction site in Hamburg.

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