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From the very beginning, Onventis has stood not only for “Buy-Side“ procurement but also for “Sell-Side“ procurement. This means that we have been working on and developing profit-building solutions for the e-business demands of suppliers for years. Some of our consultants have experience working for “the other side”, i.e., wholesalers.

So they know what suppliers need and what the market trends in industrial wholesale are. Our Onventis Supplier modules offer you diverse and innovative sales solutions that we’ve been developing for suppliers over the past 15 years.

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Strategic Group Trading

Alisa Koch Profil
Alisa Koch
Marketing Manager
Suppliers create joint ventures to take advantage of synergy effects in product offers and logistics. For a suppliers to be able to work independently and also take advantage of group effects, they need an overarching solution for catalog administration and order processing.
Onventis Supplier delivers the perfect cloud solution for both cases: A central multi-tenant e-procurement platform with transparent processes, automated workflows, and individual role concepts.

C-part (MRO) Management

Benjamin Fritz
Director Sales
Onventis Supplier offers wholesale distributors who want to be proactive and not only reactive in their e-business strategies with their own e-procurement offers, a perfect platform.
C-parts (MRO) management on a supplier platform requires a professional e-procurement process that includes, e.g., customer-specific workflows with account assignment and budget administration. With the Vendor Managed Procurement modules, the procurement processes of your industrial customers are covered.

Product Range Expansion & Drop Shipments

Gunter Hasse Profile
Gunter Hasse
Senior SRM Consultant
The trend in full-product range and the desire for reduced suppliers are nothing new. With Onventis Supplier, you can expand your range quickly and efficiently through the integration of catalogs and shops.
Multi-supplier catalogs enable drop shipments based on shopping cart splitting according to supplier. As a platform provider, you have things under control.

Scanner & Machine Connection

Marc Michel Profile
Marc Michel
SRM Consultant
Digitalization and Industry of Things (IoT) are unstoppable. As a supplier, you can do your part in digitalization by integrating scanner solutions and vending machines in your Onventis Supplier procurement platform.
This sustainably connects you to the procurement processes of your customers – an effective customer retainment tool.

Procurement Platforms

Zoran Steko Profile
Zoran Steko
Director Network & Marketing
You want to build up a procurement platform with partners and maybe even competitors? Onventis Supplier, with its scalable, multi-tenant e-procurement modules is the perfect tool for you. Meet your competitors head-on on your own platform. Don’t you think so?
Amazon & co have been doing it forever. Disruptive platform business models are en vogue!

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