The Coronavirus Task Force against delivery bottlenecks

Task Force against delivery bottlenecks

05. March 2020 | News

The coronavirus is currently responsible for increasing supplier defaults, exploding freight costs and production shutdowns of European medium-sized companies. Therefore the Kloepfel Group has set up the Kloepfel Task Force “Coronavirus”. Experienced purchasers across all industries advise affected or threatened companies to protect them from production shutdowns. On the one hand, the Coronavirus Task Force supports you in finding suppliers, and on the other hand Kloepfel verifies for you whether suppliers are endangered in the medium or long term.

It does not matter whether these are important A, B or C suppliers. In addition, quantity effects often result when several requests for specific products can be bundled. In this case, not only the main materials but also smaller articles should be analyzed where a breakdown would immediately shut down production.

In the expert interview on the n-tv news channel, Managing Director Marc Kloepfel also talks about supply chain deficits in the Corona crisis.

The entire content is exclusively available in German.

To the n-tv interview about the Corona crisis

More information about the task force in case of acute delivery bottlenecks

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