Wolff & Mueller Einkaufspartner trusts in Onventis for procurement

Wolff & Mueller Einkaufspartner trusts in Onventis for procurement

10. Mai 2017 | Press

With TradeCore Cloud Procurement to the leading purchasing service provider in the construction industry

WOLFF & MUELLER EINKAUFSPARTNER GmbH uses the BME certified cloud procurement software “TradeCore” from the Stuttgart IT solution provider Onventis for the procurement of indirect goods and services. The purchasing service provider specialising in process optimisation and cost savings will in future offer standardised procurement processes from the cloud under the “SYNOSA” brand with central access to all framework agreements offered.

The purchasing specialists at WOLFF & MUELLER EINKAUFSPARTNER GmbH act as independent procurement service providers and consultants in the field of purchasing optimization. They bundle and negotiate requirements for indirect goods and services and conclude framework agreements for the bundled volume, which they make available to their customers and partners. The bundling of currently over EUR 80 million purchasing volume in the area of indirect goods and services will sustainably reduce the procurement costs of over 500 customers.

In a first step, the e-procurement system based on TradeCore was implemented in the WOLFF & MUELLER group. Under the motto “Building with enthusiasm”, WOLFF & MUELLER and its more than 2,000 employees have stood for high-quality construction work for over 80 years. In the future, TradeCore will ensure that the procurement processes at WOLFF & MUELLER are sustainably optimised. In a record time of only 4 months, the operative purchasing of all indirect goods and services of the entire group of companies was converted to the new cloud based procurement system. In future, all organisational units of the Group will cover their C-parts and service requirements via the new e-procurement system of WOLFF & MUELLER EINKAUFSPARTNER.

From March 2017, all customers and partners of WOLFF & MUELLER EINKAUFSPARTNER GmbH will be able to optimize their procurement processes via SYNOSA in compliance with their respective purchasing guidelines and approval processes and reduce their purchasing costs via central access to all framework agreements.

With TradeCore, WOLFF & MUELLER EINKAUFSPARTNER GmbH is pursuing the goal of further expanding its market position as a strategic purchasing service provider for indirect goods and services and offering its customers not only excellent purchasing conditions but also considerable added value through process optimization in purchasing.

“The main reason for our decision to cooperate with Onventis was not only the complete mapping of the end-to-end processes of indirect procurement of our parent company but also the possibility to offer our purchasing partners and customers an innovative and future-oriented cloud platform. The combination of purchasing and trading platform makes TradeCore unique”, says Ignazio Gentile, Managing Director of WOLFF & MUELLER EINKAUFSPARTNER.

About Onventis GmbH

The IT solution provider Onventis supports its customers in purchasing and sales under the motto ‘Connecting Buyer and Supplier’ with efficient and secure procurement solutions from the cloud. Since its foundation in 2000, the cloud pioneer has established itself with the modular e-procurement platform TradeCore as an international expert for strategic and operative procurement in an integrated digital workflow. More than 300 customers from industry, service and trade worldwide optimize their entire procurement process with the integrated cloud platform. With over 250,000 TradeCore users, more than 5 billion transaction volumes and 15 years of procurement expertise, Onventis is a strong partner and offers, in addition to its user-friendly complete solution, comprehensive e-procurement services from a single source: from process consulting and implementation to technical support and individual training programs. The German company employs around 50 people at its headquarters in Stuttgart and its two development sites in Düsseldorf and Sofia. Further information is available at: https://www.onventis.de/en/


WOLFF & MUELLER EINKAUFSPARTNER GmbH is a company of the WOLFF & MUELLER Group. With many years of experience and know-how in the procurement of indirect goods and services, the purchasing specialist optimizes purchasing costs and procurement processes for all company sizes, regardless of the volume required.

WOLFF & MUELLER is one of the leading privately owned construction companies in Germany. The group is divided into three divisions: construction services (building construction and industrial construction, structural engineering, steel construction, building renovation, civil engineering, road construction, special civil engineering), building materials / raw materials (quartz sand, gravel/sand, asphalt, vermiculite) and services (purchasing optimization, energy consulting, real estate services). The company currently employs about 2,000 people at 28 branches. In 2015 a turnover of 730 million euros was generated.www.wolff-mueller.de

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