HOW-TO Optimize your S2C: Going Once, Going Twice – Sold!

In this mini-serie we will give you some tips on how to optimize your source-to-contract. This third article will elaborate on the possibilities that auctioning has to offer for your S2C-activities.

02. November 2021 | Blog

Auctioning sometimes appears to be a sort of forgotten tool, while actually it is very useful.
As a matter of fact it can be the ultimate tool to get the best offer at the best price at that moment in time. This will also allow you to receive offers from new suppliers who might be able to offer the same product/services for better prices and/or conditions.

This tool is particularly useful when in need of easily comparable products and in larger quantities. Auctioning is something that can already be done manually. However when done manually it proofs to be time-consuming.

It is in this field that automizing is notably interesting as when hosting a socalled eAuction suppliers can bid on the outstanding RFQ and renew their bids as a reaction to other quotations. This is a lot less time consuming and as a purchaser you can guarantee yourself to have the best price, quality and delivery time.

Guarantee yourself of the best price, quality and delivery time

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Top 4 Optimizations in Source-to-Contract

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