Early Adopter Amnesty International Netherlands connects Onventis Invoice Processing to Exact Globe+

Amnesty International is a global movement of 10 million people fighting against injustice. In over 150 countries, Amnesty campaigns for justice, freedom, human dignity, and equality.

The challenge

Amnesty International Netherlands encountered Onventis (then known as 20/20 Vision) nearly 10 years ago, says Jack Ubachs, Financial Administration Officer at Amnesty International Netherlands. “Annually, we process 5,000 invoices and employee expense claims. At a certain point, the need arose for an invoice processing system in combination with Exact as the financial package.”

The solution

Jack explained that Onventis was the choice for the new invoice processing package: “Onventis gave an excellent presentation. Both graphically and technically, the application was top-notch. Moreover, it was a cloud application, which was rare then (2015).”

Another important reason Amnesty chose Onventis was the dual payment control; Jack explains: “When it comes to payments, you want to prevent errors or even fraud. All data must be correct, such as the bank account, the person approving the invoice, and the amount.

The dual payment control extracts the payment advice list from Exact and compares it with the data in Onventis. This way, you can see what has been approved, who did it, and if there are any comments. It’s very convenient that you can also click directly through to the invoice.

Additionally, there is a second check. After the SEPA file is created in Exact, it is compared with the verified payment advice list. If everything matches, that file is sent to the bank for payment. This ensures maximum security within the payment process.”

The migration to Exact Globe +

Amnesty International Netherlands is now processing its invoices with Onventis to full satisfaction. However, about a year and a half ago, Exact announced the transition to a new version of their software: Exact Globe +. This meant Amnesty would have to migrate to this new version, and the integration between Onventis and Exact would need to be updated.

Ed van Velzen, IT Manager at Amnesty International Netherlands, discusses the approach: “First, we discussed the schedule with our Exact partner and Onventis. Once the schedule was aligned, we started the preparations from Amnesty. We first set up a complete IT test environment to test the new software and its integration with Onventis. This process went very smoothly. It was so smooth that we could easily convert the test environment into the operational one we now use in practice. Overall, it was a successful approach that turned out very well.”

The collaboration with Jeroen Groeneweg, a Consultant at Onventis, also went very well. “I found it a very nice and flexible project,” says Ed. From our Exact partner and Onventis, people were always available and worked together very well. Some fields in Exact Globe + were renamed in the new software, so we had to adjust the integration accordingly, but that was done very quickly.”

The result and benefits

The main result of the migration to Exact Globe + and the integration with Onventis is future-proofing. Ed explains: “Previously, everything worked perfectly. The invoice processing was flawless, and it still is. We process our invoices in Onventis and manage our suppliers there. The integration with Exact also works very well, allowing us to pull financial data from Exact into Onventis with the press of a button. So, in that sense, not much has changed (fortunately). But we are now ready for the future. Eventually, you have to keep up with technological advancements because when Exact stops supporting the old version, you have to migrate to the new version. So, we are set for several years, which provides peace of mind.”


Amnesty International Netherlands has proven to be an early adopter of Exact Globe +, one of the first to transition to the new version of Exact. Onventis has shown itself to be a flexible, dedicated, and skilled partner. Together with the Exact partner, the integration was updated to ensure seamless invoice processing continues at Amnesty.

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