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Onventis Webinar
28. Juni 2022 | Webinar | Mehr auf onventis.tv

Onventis 360 Degrees – The webinar with the overview over the All-in-One Procurement Suite

28. Juni 2022

10:00 - 11:00

Cedric Joch
Presales Consultant

Learn more about the Onventis All-in-One Procurement solution in this free webinar. In our live session, we will give you an insight into the many ways you can use Onventis to increase efficiency in your procurement and finance processes.

As a holistic source-to-pay suite, Onventis supports you on the one hand in automating strategic, tactical and operational procurement processes. On the other hand, our supplier management solutions in combination with the supplier network enable you to find new suppliers and evaluate or expand existing business relationships with suppliers.
In addition, an end-to-end automated P2P process with Robotic Accounting and OCR-as-Service, ensures efficient and cost-optimized procurement processes as well as transparency in your spend. Along the way, your accounts payable department is supported in increasing the ROI of your spend.

Furthermore, detailed drill-down analyses are available at the push of a button with the Onventis Spend Analytics solution to keep an eye on your procurement data at all times. Customizable dashboards provide you with different views of procurement data grouped by, for example, suppliers, commodity groups, organizational units, transactions and much more.

Don’t miss this: Register now and learn how you can make your procurement more sustainable, efficient and cost-saving through digital S2P solutions.

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Unsere E-Procurement Experten präsentieren Ihnen das Onventis All-in-One Beschaffungsnetzwerk.

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